Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cloth Diaper Laundry Soap

As soon as Becca's cord falls off and we run out of disposables we are going back to our cloth diapers! Hopefully it will be soon.
I'm hoping that i will be able to try out this new cloth diaper laundry soap and that it will keep our diapers clean and fresh.

The Natural Baby Company is giving away their new Tiny Bubbles Laundry Detergent.
Tiny Bubbles

The detergent of choice for cloth diapers and baby apparel.

  • Dye & Fragrance Free
  • Completely Biodegradable
  • Completely Phosphate-Free
  • No Optical Brighteners or Fillers
  • Gentle for Sensitive Skin
  • Low Residue Formula
  • Ultra-Concentrated
  • Low Cost-Per-Wash
  • Recyclable

Safe to use with Gro Baby™ and all other cloth diapers brands. Not tested on animals. No animal by products. ($0.22 per Load)

Phosphate Free - Phosphate detergents are a major cause of pollution in our lakes and streams. Even biodegradable phosphate detergents are harmful to water life. Tiny Bubbles contains no phosphates and is completely biodegradable.

60 Loads - Front Load Washer
Net Wt. 60 Oz. (3.75lbs)

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