Monday, April 12, 2010

Fishin' with Grandad

This Saturday Mike decided he wanted to take the girls fishing.
So it was planned to meet up with him at Dunbar Cave.
So off we went.
In the car on the way to the Cave.
Once there all of the poles had to be set up.
And a worm added.
I think the highlight of the day for David was when Pene was given a worm and then chased Syd with it because she was afraid of it.
Mike getting Pene settled with her pole.
After no luck at the Cave (not even a nibble).
We decided to go try over by the River Walk but there is no fishing allowed after 10am.
Guess what time it was.
So we just walked the river walk and then the girls played on the playground.
Here is a cute picture of the girls walking on the river walk.
Fun was had by all, except maybe Becca.
But here is a cute picture of her anyway.

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