Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Day of School

Today is the girls first full day of school.
Sydney in 1st Grade.
And Pene in Pre-K.
The girls were excited, got up ate breakfast, packed lunches all that good stuff.
Then we wait for the time to go to the bus stop.
David takes the girls to wait for Sydney's bus.
(Pene goes on a different bus at a later time)
And they wait and wait and wait.......
Ugh this is very annoying as we were told just
yesterday when and where her bus would pick her up.
There was another boy waiting for the bus too.
It got to the point that if David didn't take her to school she would be late.
So David took Sydney and the other boy (his dad had no car) to school.
Sydney was sad that there was no bus.
Hopefully she will have a good day at school.
Ready for her first day of first grade~

Walking Sydney to the bus stop.

Now time for Pene like I said Pene goes at a different time than Sydney.
Today is the only day this week that Pene will go to school.
This week is their testing period.
She will start full time next week.
She will ride her own special Pre-K bus,
she didn't ride today because they hadn't put her in the bus route yet.
(Yet another thing that is annoying me today)
When it was finally time to go she was ready!
We took her to the school I walked her to her teacher, walked right in.
Her teacher told her to give me a kiss and she wasn't interested.
I think she will have a good time.

Pene ready for Pre-K~


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Tiffany said...

so cute...they have gotten so big...love you all!!!