Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another day in the sun

Just some pictures from a day outside.

This is the first strawberry we were able to pick off our plants. We have since gotten a few more.
Also a carrot, I was worried that all I was growing was carrot tops so I pulled one. 
There are teeny tiny carrots growing.
Unfortunately our other plants aren't doing well. 
 There are tomatoes on our plants but the plants are turning yellow. :(  
The cucumbers never got bigger than the last pictures of them and the green beans are yellowing and dying too.
Getting really bummed about our garden this year.


Evan&Jenn said...

add lots more water!!!...I think. That is what I have done when mine looked like what you are discribing and they reve back up.

6L's said...

there may have been some sort of disease that got those plants, or are you over watering? ours were turning yellow also, i think too much water. they are turning back green now, but others i think got diseased bc they are blooming but then the bloom dies and no veggie. :( so sad!

6L's said...

lol, we've given very conflicting advice on watering! good luck figuring out which it is :)