Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkin Craving 2012

Last night we carved what we think was our first family Jack-o-lantern.  It was fun. Becca really enjoyed scooping out the seeds. One at a time.  The older girls didn't care to much for the yucky insides but they each got better by the end.  We really like how it turned out.  It is way too cute!

 What Izzie did while we carved.
What Conner did while we carved. 
He played in the empty kiddie pool so he wouldn't get into trouble.

 All done!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Look what I have learned..

That's right Conner has learned how to climb up on things.
He has learned how to climb onto a chair in the living room and 
onto the table that holds the DVD player.
Not looking forward to him learning how to climb out of his crib. :(

 So proud of himself.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's been a while...

I haven't posted for a bit.
 I guess we are just trying to get back into the swing of school and stuff like that.
Since the last post some things have changed.
Penelope has lost her first two teeth! She was excited to get a visit from the tooth fairy.
We also added to our family.  This one has 4 legs.  Yes, that's right we added a dog. Her name is Izzie.  We got her from the pound. She is a 16 week old Lab/Corgi mix.  So she is a short dog. She is starting to fit in a lot better. We have had her for almost a month and she is starting to calm down. (unless people come to visit now that is a different story)
All of the kids are still growing and having fun.  The girls are doing well in school. Penelope was even made a Character Kid for this month. They always enjoy that.
Becca is now potty trained! Hallelujah!! It is so much better having only one in diapers.
Conner is learning tons of stuff, right now his "thing" is to climb on and get into stuff.
Case in Point.

 Here are some other cute pictures.

"Call me maybe?"

Pumpkin growing out of compost pile.
 Also this past weekend. Mom, Bethany and Skyler brought Abby up to live with us. She is going to live here for a while to get things started with her life.  We are excited to have her and wish her the best of luck. She also brought her pet bunny with her. Becca is in love with that bunny.
Here is Bethany and Becca taking a quick nap in the chair.

 Until next time....

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A hike with Grandad

This past Saturday Sydney went on a hike with her Grandad.
They went to the Harpeth River State Park.
They had a good time. Syd took lots of pictures.

 Sydney and Grandad

 Pretty flowers

I don't doubt that they will go on more hikes in the future.