Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Time 2007

Our Christmas week started out ohhh so lovely. Pene decided that it would be fun to get sick, not a stuffy nose but vomiting. Oh fun! and at 4am, this was the Friday before Christmas. She was fine in a few hours. Fast forward to Christmas morning at 5am. I wake up to Syd crying "help mom!". You guessed it, she was vomiting. Merry Christmas to me. So she wanted to go lay down on the couch, which would have been fine but Santa had already come. And David had wanted to vidoe chirstmas morning with the girls, but Pene was not awake and i wasn't going to wake her up. Sydney kept trying to get me to turn on the christmas tree lights, after about an hour of this , i woke up David so he could see her christmas morning reaction. Well she was excited, that Santa had brought a train set. You would have never guessed that she was sick. We told her she had to wait for Pene to wake up to open presents so she was sad about that , but Pene woke up at 7:15am so she didn't have long to wait. She was sick a couple of more times but was fine in about 5 hours. So we had a lovely christmas. Other than the sickness it was a good christmas. Luckily the sickness has passed after i was up sick all of friday night. Hopefully David doesn't get sick. (Knock on wood)
Here are some pictures from christmas morning:



Here is a picture of the surprise gift David got me for Chirstmas. He gave it to me about 2 days before Christmas, he couldn't wait any longer. It's a diamond ring! I was very surprised and cried like a baby (mostly because i didn't have anything for him)


Here is a good picture of Sydney


Well we hope that everyone had a good christmas!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Budding Midwife

Pene loves to use the fetoscope. If she find it she will come over to me put it in her ears and lift up my shirt to here the baby. So cute! Here is Pene listening to Sydney's "baby".
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This morning we found out that our Creamscicle Mollies had babies. We have seen 4 so far and they have been there for awhile because they are pretty big. Unfortunately i haven't taken any pictures of them yet, will post them when i do.

More later....

Monday, December 3, 2007

That time of year again!

Here's our Christmas tree!

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I'm kind of sad there aren't any of our pretty glass ornaments on it because of sticky Pene fingers and the cats. :(

This picture is for Daniel and Allison.
See we do put up the ornament that you gave us last year.

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Here is Sydney with her new hair cut. I got tired of seeing her hair in her mouth.

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Here is a picture of Pene.
Ignore her dirty face, it's seems like no matter how often we wash it it's always dirty.

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Here are some funny things that Sydney has said lately:

"Tomato soup is good for my heart"

" Santa can sleep at our house. We have an extra bed."

Of course now that i'm trying to write all that she has said i can't remember all of them. Bummer.
Catch ya'll later.