Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Garden update and other stuff.

For anyone who has been wondering about our garden the update is not that great.  After being able to harvest about 8 grape tomatoes a deer discover my garden. :(  It ate any of the tomatoes it could find.  The green ones and the almost ripe ones.  It even thought it would be nice and break my grape tomato plant that was doing half way ok.  
Even after that  destruction the plants appear to be trying to make a comeback. 
So fingers crossed.
The strawberry plants are still producing fruit just not a lot.
That carrots are kind of growing.  I have been thinking about making a change in the soil to see if I can grow some better ones.  We pulled our first edible carrot from the pot.
  It is still on the little side but it was very yummy.
We washed it and sliced it so everyone could get a bite.

Yesterday while cleaning the yard we lifted a brick and saw this.

A Skink (lizard) with some eggs. 
We showed the girls but the brick back and hopefully didn't disturb them.
This is what Penelope and Rebecca like to do with their summer.

This is what Sydney and David did with the first part of her summer.
Will do a post about their adventure soon.

And last but not least Conner's new trick.

He is learning to stand on his own. 
Also thinking about walking, but I think we have a bit more time before that happens.