Tuesday, August 5, 2008

3 months

Well it'd been 3 months since Maggie joined our family. There have been many ups and downs, but we are glad she is here with us. Things are still the same, no changes. I have moved Maggie from the bassinet to the crib in our room, because she seems to sleep better lying on her boppy and the boppy is too big for the bassinet. This the earliest any of my kids were sleeping in a crib. Crazy!
Here's Maggie
Here she is in a cute onesie from Aunt Tiffany

My Man and My Baby

That's all for now.
P.S. Pene likes peanut butter, jelly and cheese sandwiches! Yuck!

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VĂ©ro Pettingill said...

heh and I thought Elyssa was weird for asking for cheesewiz and jam sandwiches. :) (I have been following Maggie's blog but did not realize you had one as well, so now I'm just catching up!)