Monday, August 15, 2011

Nice Day = a trip to the Park

For the first time in awhile the weather wasn't so hot that you fry. 
So we decided to take one last trip to the park before the Baby comes.
First we enjoyed some 50 cent ice cream cones at McDonalds.  
Becca ate almost the whole thing(with me helping) which surprised us.
Then we headed to the park to enjoy the sunshine and low humidity.

 Enjoying the see-saw

 Enjoying the Merry-go-round
 Maybe not
 Slide fun!

More merry-go-round fun

David would tickle them as the came around. They had fun.
 Static anyone?
 Swing time.  Becca laughed and laughed.

More see-saw fun.
See how huge I am.  
Take a good look because that is the only picture you will see.
Well we hope you enjoyed our trip to the park.
Next post should be that Baby boy has made his appearance!
Have fun til then~


Tiffany said...

Your belly is beautiful! Everyone is so getting so big!! Miss you guys! Love ya!!!

tjozwiak said...

oh I love the belly Jennifer! aunt terry sends lots of kisses