Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our March adventure

We have had an issue with our washing machine flooding half of the basement with every load.
Well after snaking the drain to reveal roots 
we called a plumber to see if there was anything that could be done about it.
While he was here we got a quote to see how much it would be to replace all of our pipes.
After a quote of over $5,000 it turned into a DIY project that required a visit from Dad and Nathanial.
Well 5 days, tons of trips to Lowes and a cut finger later we now have new pipes, toilet and water heater.
Here are some pictures.
 This was one of the pipes to the washer.
 Nathanial bent it with his bare hands.
That is not supposed to happen.
 Some of the new PEX pipe.

 Nathanial's finger after a run-in with the PEX pipe cutter.
Now the yuckyness that was in our pipes.

 Also Bethany learned how to babywear while she was here and loved it!
Trip to the park in the middle of all the craziness.

After all the fun with the pipes the older 2 girls decided to come down with very high fevers.
That led to 3 missed days of school for Penelope and 1 for Sydney.
Now Abby is staying with us for the next 2 weeks, hopefully things won't be too crazy.

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6L's said...

holy cow! that finger....ouch!!!