Friday, September 26, 2008

Just some things.......

Pene is quite a kid. Yesterday while Syd and Pene were taking a bath, i'm not sure what exactly was going on but Pene started calling Syd a baby and so Syd was crying an complaining a that Pene was calling her a baby. Pene can push Syd's buttons like nobody else.
The other day we were watching The Fifth Element, and Syd calls it "The Fit Elephant", silly kid. She said something else funny but i can't remember what it is now, maybe later.

In an attempt to have Maggie in cloth diapers i decided to try to make a pull-on Fleece cover. Well unfortunately I need a different kind of fleece because she peed' right thru it. Bummer but it was still cute. Here is a picture:

And we are a little sad right now. Our sweet little baby friend Elizabeth passed away. She was 6 months old, she also had Trisomy 18.

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