Monday, September 29, 2008

OT and some Sydney sillies

Well Maggie does NOT like her OT (occupational therapy) exercises. Every time we do them she cries (and no we are not hurting her). So she is alittle bit funny about them. She can have quite an attitude sometimes. Maggie's nurse Jessica came today and she is doing fine. Everything looks normal for Maggie.
Last night Sydney wanted me to put one of our Build-a-bear's clothes on Maggie to see if they would fit. So what do you think?
Kind of Funny looking huh? Sydney thought it was fun to do.
Here are some funny things that Sydney has been saying lately..
Instead of George Washington it George Washingtent.
And instead of The Book of Mormon it is The Book of Norman.
Silly girl.
Here are some more pictures.

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Emily said...

I love the little build-a-bear outfit! I'm guessing she was wearing it over some pajamas? What cuties!