Friday, December 12, 2008

The post with alot of pics

First off we got a pet. It's a parakeet named Joey.
Here is Pene in the bird cage.
Here is Joey.
What happens when you let Dads play with daughters.
Yes those are panties on her head.
This is how Pene likes to have her picture taken right now. Pretty right?

Sydney got her first library card yesterday. She was excited.
Now she can "pay" for her books.
Here is Syd with her new card
Here is Pene sad that she doesn't have a card to get a picture taken with.
We decorated our Christmas tree the other night. It has been sitting "naked" since Thanksgiving. The girls loved putting on the ornaments . At the very top we put Maggie's ornaments. First is a Precious Moments one that was given to us by David's sister Stephanie.
And this ornament was given to us by my cousin Kelly and her DH Adam. It is a Hallmark keepsake ornament for 2008 that says
"Every life leaves something beautiful behind....".
The funny thing is I had seen this ornament online one night and we had decided we were going to go to the Hallmark store and get one. But to our surprise this one showed up in the mail a couple of days later. It is a wonderful gift.
Sorry there's not much info in this post. Not much really going on.
Maybe something more next time.

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Tash said...

They are so beautiful!!!