Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fun at the pool!

Well the apartment pool opened this week. The girls have been dying to be able to get in. So we took them yesterday. It took them a while to feel comfortable in there, but once they did they had fun. Mind you it took Pene until just before it was time to get out to decide that she liked it. After sitting in the hot sun by the pool yesterday I need to get a swimsuit (even though the thought of wearing a swimsuit as my big fat/striped preggo self is unappealing) because it is torture to see the cool water and not able to get in.
Here are some pictures and video from the fun.



Also for mother's day David got me a cool little camera, so hopefully I will be taking more pictures and posting on the blog.
That and the baby will be here soon so there will be pictures of her soon.
We still have no name for her yet. Picking a girls name is soooo very hard.
Any suggestion???


wilkette said...

Yay for the pool being open!

If you're fond of Shakespeare, I've always liked Viola, Ophelia, and Juliet. :)

Emily said...

I've always been fairly fond of the name Emily for a little girl. :o) I think it would go along quite well - Sydney, Pene, Emily. They all end in the "EE" sound.

Chris said...

Hi, the pool looks like a lot of fun. By the way, I have already told you my suggestion and it ends with the "EE" sound too!!!
Love, Aunt Denise

Samantha said...

Samantha is a great name!! I also like Julia. My girls' names both end with the EE sound as well.